Asset Management

George E. Johnson Properties, LLC. works closely with real estate agents, attorneys, appraisers, title companies, HOAs and vendors to ensure all aspects of the REO asset management process are completed expeditiously and efficiently. We strive to make every transaction as seamless as possible.

Real Estate Property Evaluation and Setup

  • Assign qualified, established REO agent to property
  • Secure, inspect and winterize property
  • Determine Occupancy
  • Offer Cash for Keys (CFK) (if occupied)
  • Initiate and manage eviction process
  • Evaluate property condition
  • Order title report
  • Perform title curative work
  • Provide detailed marketing plan with photos
  • Order appraisal or 2nd BPO
  • Obtain bids for trash-out, maintenance and rehab
  • Evaluate environmental, safety and compliance issues


  • Develop property marketing strategy
  • Establish list/sale price according to predetermined limits
  • Establish tracking/monitoring system
  • Provide monthly marketing report
  • Evaluate strategy and pricing every 30 days

Property Management

  • Order and oversee rehab and maintenance
  • Weekly occupancy status report
  • Monthly inspection reports
  • Tracking and timely payment of property expenses such as HOA, etc.

Contract Negotiation and Closing

  • Negotiate offers within predetermined authority levels
  • Provide detailed net sheet with all offers
  • Manage closing process
  • Ensure timely receipt of sale proceeds
  • Receive billings
  • Create final invoicing to client


  • Provide monthly status reports on all properties
  • Provide monthly summary reports on sold properties
  • Provide monthly expenditure reporting