Market Research

George E. Johnson Properties, LLC. uses the most advanced tools available to provide you with the information you need to make sound business decisions. 

Demographic and Market analysis we provide will allow you to understand the population in any geographic area: age, income, gender, family, buying behavior, consumer preferences. Or understand the businesses in any area: size, industry, employees, revenues.  The goal of demographic analysis is often to identify the demographic makeup of your target market, and find more market geographies with similar demographic characteristics.

Whether you need to determine the demographic profile of a 5-mile radius around a store, map the potential of all neighborhoods in your markets, or see which businesses in a region fit the profile of your target customer, our demographics solutions let you gain deep insight into customer behavior and market potential.

Demographic and Market Analysis solutions help you answer key questions about your market and customers, including:

  • Where are the best areas to purchase real estate?
  • What are the demographics for my target area?
  • What new developments are being planned in my target area?
  • What are other properties in the area leasing and/or selling for?
  • How big is the total opportunity market?